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Originally Posted by kabsetz View Post

I have mine placed between the slide-out lens hood and the scope body, with a small slit in the SOC to let the end of the cable tie come through. It also moves a little when transporting the scope, but only in the rotational direction, and is very easy to realign if necessary.

We use scopes a lot for identifying birds in flight, and this is where I find the aiming device most indispensable. That kind of use does require a good fluid head under the scope though.


Thanks for the tip.

Since this is my first go at aiming devices I thought it would be wise to try the tie over the SOC and see if it works. Up till now it works very well but I will try some more before I "damage" my SOC. So if I am still pleased in a few weeks/months I might consider making a hole in the SOC.

I have a Manfrotto 128RC head under the scope which I think works OK. So with my new aiming-device it seems that I am all set for using my scope for ID-ing birds in flight. A new dimension for me.

Thanks again.

Cheers Peter
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