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Originally Posted by AlbertoJ View Post
Hello, IŽd like to know CA (Colour Aberration) comparison Leica Ultravid HD :

-Leica Ultravid.
-Zeiss Victory FL.
-Kowa Genesis XD.
I haven't used the Kowa's, so I can't comment on them. As far as the Ultravid vs. the Victory FL's goes...

The Victory FL's have noticeably less chromatic aberration (color fringing) and higher light transmission (brighter).

That being said, I find the Ultravids to have more accurate colors--the Zeiss seem blue to me while the Ultravids are neutral--and the Ultravids also appear to me to have higher color saturation, though this could just be the more neutral colors.

On balance, I prefer the Leica's to the Zeiss both in terms of the views and, primarily, because of the materials used in construction. The Leica's have a magnesium body and the Zeiss have a polymer body. I much prefer the feel of the magnesium body. I also find the Zeiss eyecup design somewhat flimsy.

- Jared
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