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Originally Posted by MD11 View Post
Long time lurker but I must say that I've just gotten the 10x32 HD's and there is a major improvement on them if you're an all weather birder.. the hydrophobic coating on the lenses is nothing short of amazing. More over, I can tell in lower light that they're a bit brighter and the color more vivid. I so happen to have the 10x32 non-HD's that I got 2 years ago and was able to compare them side by side. I plan to sell those on craigslist now.
Welcome to the (posting) group. Thanks for your post. Can you give a little more information on the rain shedding ability of the coating? I have not had my HDs out in the rain. The problem with the old Ultravid and just about every other binocular in the rain is the droplets sitck to the objective and ocular and make the view unuseable. I find birding in the rain frustrating from the optics distortion due to the rain drops. Has Leica succeded where so many others have failed? Some details on the conditions you encountered and what you are seeing would be appreciated Was the rain rolling right off and you had a good view despite the rain?


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