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If I remember correctly Contax (Zeiss/Yashica) tried an in-camera-AF several years ago with their film-SLRs. This made it possible to use any of their non-AF lenses and the camera body took care of focusing. The cameras were horribly fat, but the lenses also received some additional close focusing range. I wonder who "owns" this technology now, because it would actually work with digitals much more easily than it did with the film. As the Minolta "AS" already moves the sensor in X and Y directions, I wonder how much it would require from Sony to incorporate focusing (Z-direction movement) in this sensor. If this were possible at reasonable costs, you can think about possibilities: all the intelligence would be in the camera and it wouldn't practically require any communication between the lens and the camera. This could open markets for "compatible" cameras that can be adapted to use any lenses (new or old) from any manufacturer. It would be very nice to see some value in the old, well made optics.

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