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Originally Posted by PatT
There are 2 theories right now. 1st is that Sony could talk after April 1st. That is the official take over date from KM. Some say they (Sony) may not be legally allowed to talk now.

The other is that Sony will not talk until summer 2006, a date that they said their first DSLR should be ready.

Oh, here's the latest info: "Sony now has access to finished technologies developed by Konica Minolta, as well as some stuff which has been on the drawing board for some time.

This unfinished stuff is, according to Sony, far more interesting then they had imagined."

That's the scoop as I see it (my $0.02). I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

KM/Sony have withdrawn all KM lenses from shops in Malaysia. Nothing will be available here till 'mid-April' though that's probably just a random time-frame the dealers use to pacify customers.

Have they done the same thing in other parts of the world or are new lenses still available? And my other question is - why would they do that?
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