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Originally Posted by dave123 View Post
in torquay tomorrow does anyone know if the white-billed diver is still showing well, and the best place to park to see the bird. like to get some photos of it?
I went yesterday and missed it! So I may not be the best expert, but:
It was seen earlyish on the south side of the inner harbour I think and then (after we'd been right round, including to the end of the breakwater) we were drinking coffee at the café just outside the inner end of the breakwater, and someone upstairs said they'd seen it outside the breakwater by the cliffs (that's a lot of diving/swimming to get there from where it had been seen earlier). There are LOTS of Great Northern Divers, and you have to look at them all to make sure it's not it! A few Black-throated Divers too. R-N Grebe amongst the boats in the inner harbour, Black Guillemot along from the lifeboat, Slav Grebe(s) from the inner harbour to the end of the breakwater - might have been the same bird! Someone also said 2 Little Auks yesterday.....

We parked at the long-stayer at Astra Zeneca (£2 all day) and the Iceland Gull was feeding off the little yellow buoys close by.

Good luck, possibly earlier is better? It was reported early-ish this morning.
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