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Originally Posted by WalterRayle View Post
I've got a mate who goes birding every christmas day and had a Great White Egret lifer one year, when they were still properly rare, had ringtail Hen Harrier three years running and Black Brant a couple of times too. His best story was of approaching a hide one year and hearing voices inside, assuming they were probably also birders trying to get away from the whole festivity stuff, he decided to knock on the hide door. One of them opened it and he promptly, for a laugh, started singing carols. The woman who opened the door said nothing, looked at him in a very angry way and stood aside so he could enter so he walked in, said hello, sat down and the three of them in there never said a word to him. They all stayed another 30 minutes before leaving and giving him 'a look', slamming the door behind them as they went.
There are some miserable s*ds around.
He sounds great! Thanks for the suggestion - think he'd mind if you PM'd me his details? Katy
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