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To make the experience easier for the new entrant, it might help to expand the Start screen, so that people are told up front to turn on their camera and their mike before there is a 'Hey dummy' message in the sign on process.

Separately, there needs to be a little seed corn in the log in forum, if only to ensure people stick around long enough for another member to pop in.
As is, there is no incentive to stay, log in and if no one is there, log out. That seems designed to discourage any social interaction, because there is no glue to keep people around until a real community develops.
It seems analogous to the Puffin problem here in the US, researchers wanted to bring back Puffins to site where they had been hunted to extinction. The solution was to add plastic Puffins, to make the sites look popular fro afar.
Once real Puffins came down and took a look, they stayed.
But it was the initial marketing that made them give a look.
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