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Thanks for all the advice. I went to Cape May, Edwin B. Forsythe reserve, Bombay Hook in Delaware, Shenandoah, Monongahela Forest, Bear Run NR in Pennsylvania and Craneville Swamp in West Virginia. I got Field Sparrow, Yellow-billed Cuckoo (Shenandoah), Blue Grosbeak, American Woodcock (flew over road at dusk near Davis WV), Clapper Rail, Brown Thrasher, Yellow-breasted Chat (Bear Run), Bobolink, Cerulean Warbler (Shenandoah), Semipalmated Sandpiper and Marbled Godwit (Bombay Hook).

Also possibly Rusty Blackbird and Baird's Sandpiper (I'll post photos on the ID help forum).

I simply couldn't find Eastern Kingbird and I didn't have much luck with the coastal sparrows. There were lots of sparrows on the road and verges at Edwin B. Forsythe. They were very flighty and I didn't get great views but they all looked like Savannah Sparrows. And no luck with Veery either. Plenty of small thrushes in the forests but they all looked like Swainson's or Hermit to me.

Also a Stilt Sandpiper at Edwin B. Forsythe was good to see.
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