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I very much appreciate looking at some of the stunning shots that often appear on here and other birding websites. however, I am afraid I have neither the patience nor the inclination to sit in one spot all day just waiting for the opportunity to get the perfect picture of a rare (or even common for that matter) bird. It may just be a personal character trait, but also I hate doing anything half-cocked and would soon lose interest if I could not do the job properly. Having just parted with the thick end of 2k for a new pair of Swaro bins the budget certainly would not stretch to any decent camera kit that would allow me to take the sort of shots that I would want so I will stick to general birding and simply appreciate the efforts of the dedicated photographers from afar. As others have already said, how we go about getting our pleasure from the birds and other wildlife around us is a personal matter and there is no right or wrong. If you have the time, budget and desire, there is no reason that you cannot do both whenever the urge takes you.
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