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When I first found this forum ZR was a hot ticket. I was initially looking for maximum performance compared to price (i.e., VALUE!) and ZR seemed to offer this. I liked the looks of the product (in real images not just the computer drawings ZR used to have on their website), and reviews here were most often extremely favorable. Add in that they had some 7x units and it was seemingly bliss. I NEARLY "pulled the trigger" several times but didn't.

Heck - the forum had given them their own subforum they were so hot and so popular a point of conversation here. FOR A WHILE-they were the epitome of "maximum performance to price" and did represent a GREAT bargain, and this was confirmed by their popularity of some of the more enlightened forum members. At one time-these were probably a pinnacle of "price to performance."

I ultimately bought other brands but have watched as minor complaints about CS began turning into major complaints, with the most common one being no contact from the company or no way to even CONTACT the company. For some, posting here and emailing "Charles" might get some response, and then another short burst of news from him about the company or new products, then he'd be gone again.

However that was then-this is now. I think we all know that the company can't be relied on to even be there for communication, much less for one to risk getting any after sale CS from.

I may make some here upset but I am shocked that some forum members still suggest or mention ZR to those looking for bins or asking about suggestions.

Hoping to retire by the end of 2018! So I can turn around and start my next career... (?)
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