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I tried the 7X36 w/mega FOV. Yes, it was a huge, wonderful static image.

In a pan/scan in the woods everything was doin' the Watusi [que: Wilson Pickett, Land of 1000 dances]. In the vertical it performed what I penned as the fountain effect. So much, way too much PC had the peripheral moving as a kaleidoscope on each end. To me. Looking at the sky or an open field was a much different experience.

I gave them away to me brother who wearing glasses I deducted would not see the entire FOV; in effect saving him from the confusion. After that I considered the Prime version though once bitten twice shy the urge slowly dissipated.

I think Charles is a nice well meaning guy that perhaps became overwhelmed w/quality issues that were beyond his control. Plus, it would seem that he didn't have deep pockets. Didn't Theron & Kruger open shop about the same time? I do not hear much about them anymore nor do I see an abundance of new models over the years from them.

I'm not privy to the speedbump/wall Charles hit, but give the devil his due he put out several models in a fairly quick succession that showed promise.
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