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Birding near Koln/ Cologne


I'll be visiting some family close to Koln for a week in mid-October. I've been trying to find good spots to visit for wildlife (especially birds) within 2 hours of Koln and looking at this forum, I've found a lot of good information. I hope to visit:
- Eifel National Park
- Wahner Heide

and possibly:
- Bedburg disused sewage ponds (apparently quite good for water birds/ waters)
- Bad Honnef Vineyards (possibly Rock buntings)

As some of the posts were quite aged, I would welcome any new tips for areas to visit or commentary about my existing choices. Species that I can't find in the UK are welcome but as a photographer, good opportunities to see any birds in nature would suffice.

Also, given the size of Eifel National Park, I wondered if anyone could suggest any areas within the park worth prioritising.

Finally, I've heard of an impressive Goshawk population breeding in Koln. If anyone has any suggestions of areas they have been seen, that would be fantastic. Happy to message privately if there is any sensitivity.

Thanks in advance!
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