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Originally Posted by Pileatus View Post
I have a 7x42 Leica BR (2004)that was repaired and optically upgraded by Leica a few years ago. I also have a 7X42 SLC that I purchased second hand after it was refurbished and upgraded with a new serial number by Swarovski.

The Leica is deadly sharp in the center field and, for most people, a solid performer. For me, the edges are often distracting and there's a bit too much CA in some circumstances. Eye relief is barely enough for my eyeglasses. If it was the only bin I owned, however, I could be content.

The SLC is better for me for a few reasons. Edge sharpness, though not perfect, is never a distraction. CA control is not perfect but it's rarely a problem. Eye relief is exceptional in the SLC. Weight is not a problem because I carry it bandolier style.

The SLC is my go to 7X42. I cannot part with the Ultravid but, truthfully, I don't use it very much. It's a great loaner!
That is very useful to know. I think assuming all else is working fine the decision to get one will come down to weight, handling, and cost. I have to say that during the long spring and early summer quarantine there has been plenty of time to experience Swarovski quality of view and judging from everyone's comments this is a great model if handling and weight suit the user's way of working.
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