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Originally Posted by bopxx View Post
Thanks for the replies. I understand that magpies are extremely intelligent birds, which is why I am finding this decision so difficult. Would a vet charge me for the treatment of the magpie? And also, if the bone hinging the wing is shattered, would it be able to use it and hold it in the correct place after 2 weeks since the time of the injury, as it seems to be using it fairly well?
Yes, if it is the furcula (wishbone) or coracoid that is broken, the bird will hold the wing normally, but the 'anchor' that the muscles use to make the ppowerful flight action wont be there, so it just wont be able to fly, ever again. A bit like if you break your collar bone - your arms looks normal and you can use your hand to hold things, but you can't lift a mug of tea. After 2 weeks, options have started to run out, so you really need to speak to someone to find a conclusion - otherwise you could end up with a miserable Magpie in a cage for 15 years, living in abject terror (despite your very best efforts).

A vet might charge you, but do ring the helpline on the link I gave, as they will be able to advise you about what to do for the best, and somewhere to take it for free (they might even arrange a pick up).
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