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It's a pretty easy lens to use.

Camera-wise (in other postings), I use M for fixed speed and aperture with auto-ISO, AF-C with 3D tracking, spot exposure (+0 ev when background visible, +0.7 to +1.0 ev for backlit BIF shots). I also often shoot in Qc (quiet continuous) with electronic front shutter (not sure if this is available on the d5600), otherwise use CL. I rarely use CH for super fast shooting except in some special situations.

The zoom ring slides forwards/backwards as a "soft lock" to prevent rotation. If it's not zooming easily, slide it backwards (towards the camera). There's also a "hard lock" switch to keep it at 150mm.

VC (vibration control) 1 is general use, 2 (middle) is for panning, 3 (towards camera) does not apply to viewfinder but tries to do a better job with VC in the picture.

I usually shoot at 600mm. Some people like to back off a little to 550mm, but I've not personally seen a reason to do that. I don't use the teleconverter.

I use a Black Rapids strap [1] that I put in the first 1/4-20 socket (towards the camera). I then use a Sirui monopod [2] with Arca Swiss plate [3] and put it on the outside of the foot, so I can carry the whole thing as one package and the monopod is always ready to go. I often walk around with the monopod extended so I just need to flip it over (being careful not to bonk someone near me). When I'm waiting for a bird to take off or do something exciting, I find it really nice to have the camera on a monopod and not try holding it.

I sometimes use a tiling monopod head [4] so I don't need to lean the monopod over to shoot BIF or up in a tree. But it's pretty heavy and I don't always use it. It's nice, but still have mixed feelings about it.

Another thing I like about the monopod is even if its not fully extended, it has a nice cushy grip handle that I can use to steer the lens. It also lets me easily get down to a low (say 1' - 2') perspective for birds on the ground which I think looks much better than shooting from above (say 4' - 5'). I also bring a termarest sit pad [5] for my knees when using low shots.



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