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Originally Posted by Super Dave View Post
By the way, where do you see "SV" on the Swaros? What does that refer to? I only see "EL" mentioned.

Originally Posted by sbb View Post
the SV depicts EL's that came with the Swarovision coatings. The first EL's came out with out Swarovision and was added in subsequent updates.
Swarovision is primarily thought of as Swarovski binoculars with lens flatteners (edge to edge sharpness) but the term is really a vision system or package consisting of several items:
- lens flatteners
- HD glass (fluoride glass)
- wide angle eye pieces
- close focus
- optimized coatings

Only the second generation and above of the EL series uses the SV or Swarovision designation. The SLC line has some of the above attributes but they do not have lens flatteners and the current SLC is also lacking close focus so they are not SV models.

Swarovski includes optimized coatings in their description of Swarovision but they have separate marketing terms for the various coatings used.

- Swarobight
- Swarodur
- Swarotop
- Swaroclean
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