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I'm considering getting a pair of 56mm binoculars, to be my 'night vision' equipment for owling. I read about thermal imaging, and it seems as if it is very much still awaiting its cost-to-quality revolution. And I found the world of regular night vision equipment very confusing, as well as populated with manufacturers I knew little about and websites offering click-to-buy links. I was also turned off by the high cost of 'Generation 2' or higher binoculars.

But I'd love to see a detailed review, from a birdwatcher's perspective, of a broad selection of current night vision binoculars (or monoculars—those posts by Vollmeise on the too-expensive Pulsar Helion, which I hadn't seen before, are fascinating). I'd guess other birders have gone down the same rabbit hole, eventually emerging without clear conclusions, and would welcome such an overview, too.

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