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In my dreams! looking at some of these lists turns me various shades of green. Just interested in what counts for a garden tick. Presuming by some of the species noted (unless of course you live in Woburn abbey and untold acres) unlike the RSPB garden watch fly-overs are legit. If so I can claim common buzzard and red kite (not this year though).

I have always fed the birds that come into my tiny little urban garden but only started keeping a list since I got back into serious birding a few years back. Whilst I cannot claim a long list I have clocked up one two interesting species such as redpoll, siskin, GSW and sparrow hawk (I have male, female and juv on separate occasions which probably means they are breeding close by). Whilst my own garden is only very small, it is well planted with a variety of deciduous and evergreen shrubs and we are surrounded by some much larger gardens with mature trees and playing fields and park across the road.

As you all say, this does become addictive. Since the first sprawk landed on the fence next to the fence even my wife has bought herself a pair of compact bins to keep in the kitchen!

I shall continue to follow with interest and envy.
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