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Rock n' roll garden listing

One of those days when it's hard to get on with any scheduled tasks due to all the birdy action going on. Heavy snow here overnight so after digging my way to to the feeders (and re-filling them) before dawn I started proof-reading and changing the index (for the third time) of my (hopefully) soon to be published book on Common Birds of Lebanon. But after two close fly -pasts of the Black Woodpecker and incresed activity at the feeders it became clear that I was not going to progress as I'd hoped. Then at about 9 o'clock, just after I'd been admiring the Yellowhammers, err, finishing an email, what's that on the wire behind the feeder, an odd-looking Chaffinch? No, a stonking male 37 Rock Bunting
a garden tick! Naturally, by the time I'd crept behind the chair to get to my camera without spooking the birds it had gone and despite being on guard/working hard for 5 hours since it hasn't reappeared.
Still I've snapped a group of some of our visitors, how many species can you see in the photo, garden listers?
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