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From Colibri delphinae (Lesson, 1839) we can fin OD here. In Mulsant & Verreux I found here:

Lesson, Illust. Zool., t. II, (1832), pl. 64
Till know I failed to find a "Illustrations de zoologie, ou, Recueil de figures d'animaux peintes d'après nature Vol. II" and Vol I stopped at plate 60.

I ask as I am not 100% convinved on the entry:

Gr. myth. Delphinios, an epithet of the sun god Apollo (cf. L. Delphinus a starry constellation); the “Oiseau-mouche Delphine” of Lesson 1839 (Colibri).
Of couse the name could derive from there but the OD gives no hint on the etymology. Delphine seems to be a common name in France e.g. here or here:

Delphine Gay ( aujourd'hui madame Emile de Girardin)
P.S. I see no relationship to her even if Lesson is mentioned on the same page.
P.P.S. And in the same publication he honored his child in Mino anais.

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