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I guess the two "pts de coraux" awaits to be found on the map 'Carte d'une Partie des Iles des Papous au Nord-Ouest de la Nouvelle Guinee', by Duperrey (1825) ... a "Large map of the northern shore of the island Waigeo off the northwestern coast of Papua New Guinea. This includes Kuwa Island (I. Rouib on the map) and Pulau Wajag (on the map Iles Vayag). Shows three courses for voyages: frigates searching for the Perouse; Corvette Uranie and Corvette de la Coquille" (here).

Unfortunately its not in a scanned version high enough to read the tiniest texts (not even with the zoom function)

Maybe a clue to find "port Carenai" on a contemporary map is given is here.

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