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PH, sorry to say this but you are losing it! nohatch is conservative but has looked at at least some of the papers and analysed them. he simply doesnt agree and has that right. your fear is turning to anger and can only gain negativity.

i have looked also and tried to add to my technical knowledge but haven't yet got to the point i can make more than generalisations. i have also tried to allow for intuitive causes of concern outside of evidence, and even you don't go far down that road.

we have page after page of argument but at times even consensus that 'something' causes environmental degradation, amongst even the conservatives about technology, allowing concern about more than just birds. and a fair bit of rancour.

of course you are frustrated but unless all your opposition is part of a massive conspiracy you are sliding into paranoia. has to be said. your arguments are getting more desperate and personal to the point where even i, autistic, isolated and deficient in social communication can see that.

it may be now this is not the forum for your energy. i dont know where your emotion is best applied. you are involved in eklipse and i am sure other enterprises.

people turn aside from emotion even if it is based on worthwhile cause. certainly scientists do, you know all that. nitpicking to find a logical fault that may or may not exist in amongst the rhetoric and debate is going nowhere except to negativity here. you haven't convinced anyone using the evidence you have and however brave or righteous or even correct you are or will prove to be, your tactics and strategies are failing.

you got a few actually reading and discussing. you failed to convince. NOT YOUR FAULT. let it go mate. joost and ed and others have certainly had their awareness raised by you and will SURELY act if they see either evidence or attempts to cover up. dont antagonise those at least that willing and aware.

sorry to say this, it is not patronising or condescending from me. i am glad that genuine, strong people like yourself are looking into this. fear evokes fight or flight, you are fighting but fighting the wrong people in the wrong way. ask again of people here, not to agree with your evidence but of how to address the concerns. then you will turn it around. you are not alone but you are isolating yourself, believe me i know ALL about that.

now read this again PH. and once more.

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