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What a wonderful rebuttal and analysis. Congratulations.

A long time ago on this thread, I'm sorry to say that I lost patience with PH because she clearly wasn't listening to those who didn't share her beliefs. Some very well-qualified and experienced scientists showed her that the moon wasn't made of green cheese after all - but she kept finding mice who said they'd been there (or at least knew someone who had). I regret that my frustration turned to rudeness - partly because several of the aforementioned scientists gave up trying to fight proof over conviction.

You are right to counsel PH to use her abundant energies elsewhere - even if only to halt the circuitous route of this discussion. As you say, she has raised questions in the minds of some but, the longer this goes on, the more damage she does to her cause.

I've taken the trouble to find a website she uses from info freely available on this thread. She is a very fine artist in my opinion.

I just hope that she hasn't been infected with the installation artists' view that "everything is art". That form of hegemony leads to professional painters becoming convinced that they're also professional scientists.

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