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Originally Posted by Ludw1g View Post
3) Eye relief - so I opted to remove the eye cups on the Binuxit, for a similar effect. It works to a certain extent - but I dont like the lack of protection round the ocular lenses.
Hi Ludwig, welcome!

If you could find a pair of Leitz replacement rubber eyecups made for the first Trinovid models (the original series, with the Uppendahl prisms), you'll find that the threads are identical and they will fit in place of the original eyecups on your Binuxit. No guarantee, but I found it to be true with three different Binuxits I checked. If the new eyecups won't roll down far enough for your glasses, you can cut off the roll-down part and smooth the cut edges and you'll have a set of custom-made eyeglass-friendly eyecups for your Binuxit.


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