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Originally Posted by Patudo View Post
Hi Ludw1g - it would seem you're better able to tackle the first part of your question than most of us, and regarding the second... if you obtained your Binuxit for the cost of a typical service (that I have been charged anyway) you have done extremely well. If the resale value of a Binuxit was less than the cost of a service I'd get one right now. Anyway, let us know how you get on with the repair, and afterwards as well. Whenever I look through one of those classic porros I am always impressed with what could be done back in the 1950s.

@John Frink - Interesting info about the Trinovid eyecup retrofit. I also seem to recall someone here noting that Leitz made twist style replacement eyecups for the old Trinovids - can someone tell me if my memory is faulty?

I don't believe Leica ever made a retrofit for the Leitz eyecups like you
mentioned. No twistup available, you either like them full out, or some
cut them down for glasses.

I have experience with the Leitz eyecups.

I think your memory is faulty........don't feel bad you were just hoping.

Things are not that easy.

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