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Originally Posted by shpong View Post
Or more to the point, any reason why I shouldn't buy them!
Many thanks
IMHO you owe it to yourself to try out the Canon10x30IS bins at your local Jessops. If your Jessops is like the one in Lowestoft they are on permanent display and you can pick up and play with them.

I'm coming from using a Nikon 8x32SE and 8x32HG and I have to say that I can see more actual detail with the Canon's. OK so the Canons are 10x mag. but even compared to the other 10x's bins on display at jessops I could still see so much more detail with IS engaged.

I know they are not waterproof and for me I will always have a waterproof roof on hand but I still think if I was on your budget and could only get one pair of bins I would get the Canons, and look after them in the rain.
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