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[quote=Kees Boer;3644932]The 8 x 30 version came inside today, got it as a present. My first impressions are very positive. I have tested many binoculars, but this little monster is a winner!

I have compared the companion with my Swarovski SLC 10 x 42 WB (latest version). Optically they are nearly the same. Color and contrast of the companion are excellent. The edge and central sharpness are equal to the SLC: excellent. The companion has less field curvature at the edge than the SLC. But the companion has a bit more chromatic aberration than the SLC. So probably no HD glass (??).

The companion old version has also been in my possession, but is optically inferior. That edition wasn't a "real Swarovski".

For the small annoyances, I agree completely with Kimmo (Kabsetz) in post 105.

More information will follow. But for about 1.050 euro it's a absolutely a top binocular.[/QUOTE

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Hi Kees,

It will cost about 1250 Bucks here in the USA.

I don't know what you mean by "a real Swarovski."

I think that the CL Companion is an excellent, well designed, easy to use, little binocular! Just what Swarovski designed it to be! I carry it around with me in my day bag as a car binocular for all around use.

I have both an 8x30 CL Companion and CL 8x25 Compact and the CL Companion is much better.

I think that it was even better than the discontinued 8x30 CL B I owned although the CL B had a wider FOV.

I gave that one to my son. It was made in 2010. The CL Companion was much easier for me to use because I found the eye placement easier. One reason I think is because the eye cups are flat and the eye cups on the SLC were rounded off. Flat eye cups make it easier for me to brace it up against my eye brows when I use it. Little things do make a difference on an individual basis.

I don't wear glasses. My son does and he uses the 8x30 CL B while wearing glasses and that decreases its FOV.

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