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Originally Posted by Andrew Whitehouse View Post
They're somewhat different, which is maybe not suprising given the different sizes and magnificants. I suppose that's also why I see them as quite complementary to each other. The FOV feels fairly wide but not exceptional in the CL, which is perhaps similar to the Canons. They also both have good edge sharpness. The colours are better in the CLs (amongst the best I've seen in a binocular) but the acuity of the Canons with IS activated is a fairly long way ahead of anything really.
Thanks, Andrew. I think the Canon's FOV for a 10x is pretty exceptional with an AFOV of 65 degrees. I know what you mean about the acuity in the Canon 10x42 being ahead of anything. I preferred it over an SV 10x50 for resolution. I understand your wanting something a little more compact for traveling. Nice review.
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