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Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
Yes, I have had a couple of Swarovski's sent in for warranty work that were not purchased in the USA over the years. Swarovski always covered them under warranty. Regarding the Tract Toric 8x42. It is an excellent binocular but based on what people have been saying about the new CL and my experience with the older CL I think the new one will have a little wider FOV and a little bigger sweetspot with sharper edges than the Tract. But that is speculation until I try the CL. The CL will give me a more compact, lighter binocular for travel and hiking. I would be happy if it performed close to the Tract. What I am looking for also with the new CL is a little better contrast than the EII. It seems you really have to move up the food chain in roofs to get that nice contrast. The Euro HD's had really nice contrast so they obviously had high end glass and coatings. Too bad mechanically they had some issues. When you compare them side by side you really get hooked on that nice contrast. The Euro HD's had better contrast than the Bushnell M's or the Nikon MHG's or the Nikon EII's. They were essentially alpha level in regards to contrast. Here is a nice review on both the Tract Toric 8x42 and the older Swarovski 8x30 CL. As far as international shipping I have did it many times without any problems. You can return the binoculars to the seller or send them to Swarovski under warranty if there is something wrong with them. If you just don't like them you might be better off just selling them on Ebay because Swarovski's sell very quick especially a new model like the CL that isn't available yet in the US.
Thanks, Dennis for your comparisons of contrast in the different models you've tried, which is one of my preferred attributes. Seems my Cabelas Euro 10x was a good choice for me, given they have "essentially alpha contrast" according to your observations (in the 8x). Good I have an EII to compare them to as well! I am newer to the fine arts of comparing binoculars and coming to such definitive conclusions in short order. I have to spend quite a bit of time with them to do that, if I can even define the fine parameters at all in optics performance. But I do try to hit the hight points that matter to my eyes; number one being the Wow factor, I think. Then I'm usually hooked! ; )

I hope your new CL is all you want it to be, but it sounds like you've already got an exit plan if they don't!

Roll on~!
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