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Originally Posted by dantheman View Post
Unfortunately the amount of food distributed from boats is going to be literally a drop in the ocean ...

Not a lot of chumming goes on, and what does would be a miniscule/negligible addition to the biomass/available food out there.

Nice guess tho!
Originally Posted by RecoveringScot View Post
That was the bit I wasn't sure about. Are most pelagics just boat trips, without any attempt to lure the species (my only experience was on the Scillonian in 1998)?
There's vastly more fish guts chucked overboard from fishing boats (hundreds, perhaps thousands, of tonnes per year), than there is from birding boats (a few dozen kg per year). The 'chum' component in seabird diets is minuscule and totally insignificant, compared to what fishing boats have been chucking out for decades.
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