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Originally Posted by Ostracod View Post
Hi All,

I found a used 8x32 FL T* and am trying pin down when it was made and how it might differ from the current version. I see two main differences from new:

- The eyecups appear relatively straight-sided, where the new eyecups are more rounded

- The body lacks the "Victory FL" relief lettering on the top (it does appear on a bottom label opposite the serial number.)

It seem to remember reading that at some point Zeiss improved the focusing mechanism and added one click-stop to the eyecup but I can't find anything online to confirm those changes. Maybe there is a difference in those offered to the European and American markets? Finally, is there a significant chance it could be a fake? The seller offers 30 day returns and has a perfect record.

Thank in advance for any information you could offer.
Hi Ostracod,

Welcome to Bird Forum!

I have a Zeiss Optics catalog dated 2006 which says that the 8x32 FL T* has Lotutech coatings. So if your binocular doesn't have that "little umbrella" over the 32 on the hinge label that Dorian mentions in post #2 your binocular is over 10 years old.


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