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Originally Posted by astley View Post
Hi All

Just wondering what peoples thoughts are on Divers, and looking for basic info on where they breed etc.

In the last couple of weeks I have been lucky enough to see a Great Northern at Draycote Water, and a Black Throated at Swithland res. What has struck me more than anything is their apparent tameness, both Divers appeared very close to the Dam wall and could be viewed very clearly without the need for optics.

Yesterday there must have been a good 30 birders watching the Diver and he was within 20 feet and totally oblivious to his 5 minutes of fame.

Is their tameness down to the fact they have regular human contact, or is human contact rare to them so they do not fear the humans clicking away.

Either that or I have just been really lucky to have got so close to my first Divers.
First-winter birds are often very confiding because breeding in the far North they have little contact with humans. After that the experiences they have colour their behaviour. This winter there seem to be plenty of confiding divers around - very nice too.

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