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Originally Posted by rollingthunder View Post
The TV license only pertains to the BBC and nothing or nobody else. I have not had one for 20 years as i do not watch much ‘live’ tending to download stuff over the kast ten years or so. The BBC’s ingrained arrogance implies that ppl cannot manage without receiving their product Up until fairly recently you had to physically be caught watching something to be breaching the law and you could still go to jail for it hence ppl that were fined were named and shamed in the local press in order to ‘send out a message’. The law was changed and merely to have equipment that can receive live stuff can land you in hot water - Big Brother or what Car owners are not treated as potential drink drivers or going to use their vehicles in bank robberies - the BBC and its licence fee is a dinosaur that is thrashing about in an ever decreasing swamp that is drying out imo. That means a PC moniter and a computer/tablet makes you a potential criminal..... We get hate-mail from Crapita promising retribution, fines, jail, deportation to a Gulag etc etc and a date of reckoning when they will be on the doorstep - all because we bought a TV for a daughter who was going to University about 15 years ago! I could paper the walls with them but the dog shreds each one and still they haven’t turned up Somebody did about 5 years ago and asked for entry. They were refused as they have no right if access and when he saw 3 Staffordshire Bull Terriers he vanished like a fart in the wind

Anyway, rant over, NO you do not need a licence to watch those feeders but beware if you live watch their propoganda paeticularly the farce that is Springwatch etc

Good birding -

Thank you for the helpful comment. I do not have a TV licence, although I do own a TV set and a computer. A few years ago I availed myself of the facility to send the TV licensing people a declaration that I do not use the device to view live programs or watch iPlayer. That way I can conscientiously watch "on demand" things etc without risking prosecution. Every so often they send me a form to fill in to state nothing has changed LOL
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