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Originally Posted by rollingthunder View Post
Yes and i could do that as well and it would save all the hate mail but i like to be a thorn in their side and will not dance to their tune They continuously tweak with the Law to make the onus on you which is not acceptable. They have no intention of ever turning up but in case they do i have an egg in a glass cabinet that has their name on it

The easiest thing to do would make BBC iPlayer accessible only with a code that is issued with your annual licence much in the way that all other subscription channels e.g. Sky, Netflix, etc etc. Quite why this solution eludes them whilst they continue to tilt at windmills is beyond mere mortals like myself.....

Good birding -

That is most interesting. A man I know from abroad didn't have a licence and they turned up at his house, after which he got fined. However someone told me once (or maybe I read it somewhere) that if they do turn up one is not legally obliged to let them in. And when that is the case they are without a leg to stand on. With all the different ways of delivering programs these days on all kinds of devices, I think they have given up trying to stem the flood of licence defaulters.
Thank you LOL
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