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25x eyepiece for Nikon ED82

Evening all

I'm looking for a new eyepiece for my ED82A, I currently use the 38x but it is a bit high mag for general use. I'm hoping that a lower mag eyepiece may help with the tight focus and shallow depth of field on the 'scope.

Anyways, I may look to purchase or do a swap for the 30x (DS or MC) at some point, but the 25x MC is about a third cheaper than this at around 100. I have seen very little mention of this eyepiece in use....does anyone have experience with this EP or is it cheap because it's cack and no-one uses it?

I have also considered the 25-75 zoom but I've read a lot of negative reviews, I might get one from somewhere that has a good returns policy and see what I think of it myself.

Thanks for any info.
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