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Originally Posted by coaltit View Post
Hi paul, I noticed you said for the next few weeks which is 3 weeks So presumably the eggs have hatched recently, I may be wrong but thats early for starlings and again I think the seasons are about a month in front, its amazeing how birds know the difference, back in january I saw some herons at their heronry and some sitting too must have felt like february early march to them.
Not sure about that or if just getting started. All I heard was a lot of scrabbling around of claws and starling noises. It didn't sound like young begging for food. I saw an adult coming and going from vent. I doubt they have hatchlings but certainly could be brooding after the recent mild weather in that neck of the woods. Whatever, it is a pain but I would never do anything to jeopardise them. I will certainly be getting the landlord to fix the vent plate before next year!!
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