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Originally Posted by Richard Prior View Post
Morning all,
Snow overnight, but not a lot. More birds dashing about though, one decided to fly into our kitchen window and lay prostrate on the bench below, I picked it up and cuddled it in my jacket for 5 minutes and it seemed OK, but on release it promptly stuck itself to the house,(see photo, itobviously decided it was too cold!). So I popped it in my wooly hat for 10 minutes inside before going trying again. Happy ending, this time it had a quick look around and flew off to the nearest tree
(Thinks........ must check inside the hat before I next put it on in case I've received a present ).

28 Great spotted Woodpecker
29 (Eurasian) Treecreeper
30 Bullfinch
Richard, do you have Short-toed Tīs there or are you too high?

Meanwhile in Finland. We got ~10 cm of snow and some "proper" temperatures (-25 C degrees last Thursday - Friday).

#6 Greenfinch
#7 Blackbird
#8 Magpie
#9 Feral Pigeon
#10 Chaffinch - Not normal winterbird here. I saw this old male 5 times under my feeder at a weekend.
#11 Great Spotted Woodpecker
#12 Bullfinch
#13 Common Redpoll
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