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Originally Posted by fazalmajid View Post
...I can understand why you'd want to get Bushnells, as they are based in Overland Park, but they are all made in China anyway...
Ah yes, but if you have a problem w/a Bushnell it is easy to pop into the headquarters or outlet store to pick up a warranty replacement (or, at least in the past, for warranty repair of a high end model). Sometimes, they have good deals on close-outs at the outlet store, but generally everything is list price, which is to say _way_ more expensive than the going rate from B&H, Amazon, Adorama, or others. If you buy a cheap bin, it is generally nice to be able to try the exact unit you are purchasing before you buy it, to insure that there are no manufacturing flaws. With Bushnell, you can buy a model that you like from anywhere, without prior testing, and if it is a bad unit just swing by Bushnell headquarters for a replacement.

All the above said, Nikon has historically had excellent warranty service, and in my experience has better quality control to begin with and better repair service (= fewer headaches overall, despite need for shipping to CA).

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