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Originally Posted by captaincarot View Post
other than you would pay 300 i.e. around $500 for them here, the after sales service would be appaling to non existant and you could get a hell of a lot better bin for the money over here from different manufacturers.
as far as nikon are concerned the exchange rate of the pound to any other currency is 1 to 1
Well, it's true also here that Nikon doesn't seem to be overly interested in making huge sales. The same 10x42 can be purchased locally for an equivalent to US$ 680,- (!!) But fortunately direct import from e.g. US is a very easy option and the taxes involved are pretty reasonable I'd say. I don't know how this is overseas, but anyway all these are plain commercial issues, nothing to do with Nikon optics quality. I've had several chances on the field to compare my Monarch with Leica, Leupold, Swaros and things like that and honestly can still afford the feeling to have got far more than my fellows for my pennies.
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