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How do I ungroup my photos so I can preview them on the camera

I have recently joined the ranks of the SX60 owners. I have had a 50 since 2014 but have worn them out having birded and traveled extensively in the past four years taking about a half million pictures. (mostly deleted :)

I have been reluctant to get a 60 because of many comparison reviews and experiences of Crazyfingers and many others. I ended up with one sent to me from Canon because they said they had no parts to repair my 50. But I digress.

I am finding that for the most part I am as happy with the results as I was with the 50 and in some cases actully finding better results. I agree that there seems to be a bit more "softness" ie noise in photos taken past 1200mm but I believe this to be the result of cramming four more megapixels onto the same small chip. I think this is very poor design from a company that should know better.

I am having one problem that I find very troubling however and am hoping someone here can give me a solution.

It appears that to ungroup picture sets in preview, you have to hit FUNC/SET then press the UP button, and this is supposed to ungroup the sets. However when I do this I am presented with a situation that only allows me to scroll between every tenth photo. In other words, they are still grouped it sets of 10. If there are more than ten but less then twenty it goes back and forth between the first shot of the first 10 images and the first shot of the next set then back to the first shot of the first 10 again. If there are less than 10 images, you only get a preview of the first shot. This is just so ridiculously cumbersome. Is there a way to further break these photos up? I am very frustrated that I can't review my pictures. Anybody have a solution?

I have included some shots from last week at the Oregon Coast taken in various situations I encounter and I am more than satisfied that the results are as good or better than the SX50
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