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I finely found the section in the manual for my problem

However, It reveals that there is no solution. On page 106 of the manual it shows my options and the option I need is not there. So the way I read it I cannot shot multiple images and then review them. I only have an option of reviewing every 10th or every 100th image. This ludicrous and totally unacceptable! If I am shooting a bird in the filed I want the multiple image option to get the most shots of a moving bird and then I want to review the photos to be sure I got a good shot. This camera apparently will not allow that. (I could do this with my SX50) This really diminishes my ability to function in the field and the only way I can survive is shoot hundreds of shots and HOPE I get a good one. Why would any camera engineer take away the ability to review pictures in the field. The same idiots that put four more megapixels on the same small chip thus decreasing image quality. I would never buy an SX60, I revived one from Canon Repair because they had no parts for my broken SX50.
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