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Originally Posted by pooleparrot View Post
Still finding the SX60 a solid replacement for the SX50. The only downsides I have found so far are BIF shot are not so good on the sports mode.
I would recommend Shutter Priority (Tv) mode instead. Set your ISO limit to 400 to avoid undue noise, go with burst mode shooting (I use high-res, low-compression and a decent camera card), and use shutter speeds between 1/400 and 1/1000 (as high as the lighting will allow). Spray-n-pray once you find your subject; may not seem very artful, but it works. This may require a bit of post-processing because small sensor cameras aren't fond of having their light reduced like this.

I know common advice for birding with a DLSR is to go with Aperture Priority (Av) but I found more than a few buried tidbits of advice that Shutter Priority is better for prosumer cameras with smaller sensors.

The other piece of advice I oft-repeat is: if you are willing to post-process, use -2/3 exposure compensation to avoid blowing out highlights on any small-sensor consumer or prosumer camera. These sensors are notorious for clipping highlights, always have been. Decades of digital cameras behind us, and I still have no idea why camera makers still allow the logic of their Auto modes to clip highlights; even the expensive and supposedly up-market cameras.
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