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Coin Hound: though everyone's eyes differ, I greatly disagree with your sentiment on the McKinley vs. Vipers. I have owned both 6x32 and 8x42 Viper HD models and currently own the 8x42 McKinley HD.

McKinley best them in FoV by over [email protected] which is certainly noticeable; they also have much better edge clarity due to the field flattening elements. Center-field performance and color fidelity are roughly identical for my eyes, as I find to be the case with most of the $400-1000. Build quality is roughly the same, though I think Vortex offers better QC. Weight and ergonomics are subjective, as I actually prefer the hefty feeling of the McKinley in my large hands and notice none of the issues with eye placement that others report. Ergonomics are important, though, and I think that a valid reason to dismiss any binocular.

Honestly, the McKinley are the most impressive binocular I've ever owned or used; I found their optics to be superior to even the highly regarded Conquest HD and Meostar B1. I do not think the optics are better than the SV, but for their price, nothing really compares so long as your sample is fine and the ergonomics work for you.
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