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Post Rylirk's 2018 List

As a novice birder who only picked up the hobby last year, I'm going to have a go at making an annotated year list! * for 'not seen previous year', bold for lifer, italics for birds which others may not count as wild (i.e. Salisbury plain bustards). All names IOC compliant.

January 1: Crawley & Hedgecourt Lake, UK

Trip up to Hedgecourt Lake to get my first ever Jan 1 count! But first of all, a few from the family garden before I left...

1. Eurasian Magpie
2. Common Blackbird
3. Carrion Crow
4. Common Wood Pigeon
5. European Robin
6. Common Chaffinch
7. Eurasian Blue Tit
8. Great Tit
9. European Starling

Then on to Hedgecourt:

10. Black-Headed Gull
11. Greylag Goose
12. Common Pochard
13. Eurasian Coot
14. Great Crested Grebe
15. Mute Swan
16. Great Cormorant
17. Grey Heron
18. Northern Shoveler
19. Common Moorhen
20. European Herring Gull

January 4: Southampton, UK

Back to Southampton to pick up a few around my house there:

21. Long-Tailed Tit
22. Goldcrest

January 5: Southampton, UK

23. White Wagtail (Pied)

January 6: Lymington, UK

First trip of the year to my favourite birding site: Pennington Marshes in Lymington! Got a lot of birds on this day, and I've misplaced my field list, so these aren't in sighting order...

EDIT: Found the list, reordered!

24. Dunnock (Beaulieu Road Station enroute to Lymington)
25. House Sparrow
26. Rock Dove
27. Eurasian Collared Dove
28. Great Spotted Woodpecker
29. European Goldfinch
30. Brant Goose
31. Dunlin
32. Eurasian Wigeon
33. Sanderling
34. Common Redshank
35. Grey Plover
36. Little Egret
37. Common Shelduck
38. Northern Lapwing
39. Eurasian Teal
40. Common Kingfisher
41. Pied Avocet
42. Little Grebe
43. * Common Goldeneye
44. Northern Pintail
45. Eurasian Skylark
46. Spotted Redshank
47. Eurasian Bullfinch
48. Mallard
49. Common Greenshank
50. Tufted Duck
51. Common Kestrel
52. Eurasian Jay
53. European Stonechat
54. Common Linnet
55. Black-Tailed Godwit
56. Sandwich Tern
57. Common Pheasant
58. Common Buzzard
59. Eurasian Wren
60. Eurasian Curlew
61. Peregrine Falcon
62. Red-Breasted Merganser
63. Ruddy Turnstone
64. Canada Goose
65. Eurasian Rock Pipit
66. Meadow Pipit
67. Eurasian Oystercatcher
68. Western Marsh Harrier
69. Common Reed Bunting
70. Mew Gull

January 7: Romsey, UK

Off to Romsey to see the obliging hawfinches! Popped into Fishlake while I was there.

71. Red Kite
72. Western Jackdaw
73. Redwing
74. Hawfinch
75. Lesser Black-Backed Gull

January 8: Southampton, UK

A surprise appearance by the University campus grey wagtail, which I had not seen for several months prior.

76. Grey Wagtail

January 13: Dungeness, UK

First major birding excursion of the year; a weeked in Rye to go visit Rye Harbour and Dungeness. Dungeness was first up, with the aim to get four lifers: Smew, Bittern, Glaucous Gull and Iceland Gull... 1/4's not bad, right? Smew becomes first lifer of the year.

77. Rook (From the car enroute, near Lydd Airport)
78. Great Black-Backed Gull
79. Common Merganser
80. Gadwall
81. Great Egret
82. * Smew
83. Common Firecrest
84. Stock Dove

January 14: Rye Harbour, UK

Target for the second day was the Black-Necked grebe, which we found.

85. European Golden Plover
86. Common Ringed Plover
87. Common Snipe
88. * Black-Necked Grebe
89. Eurasian Sparrowhawk
90. Song Thrush

January 20: Titchfield, UK

Another of my favourite sites: Titchfield Haven and the canal path! Picked up the owls and the Dartford on the canal path and the rest on the reserve proper.

91. Dartford Warbler
92. Western Barn Owl
93. Common Chiffchaff
94. European Greenfinch

January 27: Staines, UK

Another big weekend: about 15 hours on trains to get to Staines and Eastbourne for two somewhat famous birds!

95. * Horned Lark
96. Fieldfare
97. Rose-Ringed Parakeet

January 28: Eastbourne, UK

98. * Black Guillemot

Total additions in January: 98
Total lifers in January: 4

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