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April 1: Goring-by-Sea, UK

Attempted a seawatch at Goring Gap. Turns out I'm not good at seawatches...

145. Common Tern

April 3: Forest Row & Crawley, UK

Exciting day! After picking up a Mistle Thrush at Weirwood reservoir, I finally found my bogey bird: Lesser Redpoll! One singing male in a tree, only a few hundred metres from my family home in Crawley. These things are always in the last place you look...

146. Mistle Thrush
147. * Lesser Redpoll

April 4: Warnham, UK

And finally ticked off another common bird that had been eluding me this year!

148. Eurasian Treecreeper

April 7: Lymington, UK

Off to see the green-winged teal that had parked itself in one of the containment ponds at Pennington. I'm not 100% sure about the shag (I'm bad with cormorants...) but I'm putting it on the list anyway!

149. * Green-Winged Teal
150. European Shag

April 13: Totton, UK

An early morning dash to the Lower Test Marshes to find the ring ouzel which had been there for several days. I'm glad I made the effort, I think I'm one of the last to have seen it!

151. * Ring Ouzel
152. Eurasian Blackcap

April 14: Blashford, UK

First attempt at getting to Blashford Lakes by public transport: I had managed to get a lift for all my previous visits. This is not an easy place to get to, it turns out, but all the hassle was worth it for my first sighting of LRPs! They were my main bogey bird last summer, and what a cracking bird they are!

153. Sand Martin
154. * Little Ringed Plover

April 15: Romsey, UK

I'm sure I had big plans for today, but I was exhausted after the hassle of getting to Blashford. Fishlake's an easy place to get to, so that's where I ended up...

155. Common House Martin

April 21: Farlington, UK

The only one of my personal Big 3 reserves I hadn't been to yet this year (Pennington, Farlington & Titchfield), I finally had cause to go here to chase after the Savi's Warbler that had been reported. I guess Farlington had missed me, because it put on a very good showing! The summer warblers had certainly arrived in force.

156. Whimbrel
157. Common Whitethroat
158. Sedge Warbler
159. Red Knot
160. * Savi's Warbler
161. Bearded Reedling
162. Northern Wheatear
163. Eurasian Reed Warbler

April 26: Southampton, UK

Caught this one glancing out of a window during a seminar. Certainly one of the easier year ticks on the list!

164. Barn Swallow

April 28: Titchfield, UK

Didn't have a particular target in mind for this trip, but the summer plumage ruff was a very pleasant surprise! Was also amusing to see all of the turnstones that live in the marina all sat on a single boat.

165. Cetti's Warbler
166. Ruff
167. Common Nightingale

April 29: Longham, UK

Over to Longham Lakes to meet up with the Bonaparte's Gull. A couple there also told me to look out for a greater scaup in the area. I didn't find it... until I looked in the background of a bad photo of a swift!
I have never seen so many swifts and hirundines! The sky was absolutely alive with them, flying mere inches away from me. One of the birding highlights of the year for sure.

168. Common Swift
169. * Greater Scaup
170. * Bonaparte's Gull

Total additions in April: 26
Total lifers in April: 7

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