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1. I'm a real 'workaholic'-a remarkable number of daytime postings this week for one so slavishly devoted to his vocation.

2. And to think, some people have to drive for hours to Norfolk to see Snow Bunts.--And to think that some people come many miles on a weekend get together to see this awesome local patch only to find that the proprietor has flushed the aforementioned birds out of sight for the rest of the day.

3. I know folks have been missing the action on the much-loved Purple Sandpiper Totaliser-I know folks have had nose bleeds even trying to understand your concept of a totaliser

4. Counts are not particularly accurate-I'm glad you will not be submitting any of these for learned scrutiny then

5. A 1st winter Black Guillemot was again bobbing about with the Eiders, just to annoy Helen-you just love rubbing it in, don't you

6. So, other people would have seen 4 Poms this afternoon, but I saw one Arctic and three 'Skua Sp'. I reckon.-so now trying to sound virtuous for the aforementioned sins

Well Dr W, it's been quite a week!!!!!
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