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Opticron Imagic/Tract Toric relationship

Yes, very enjoyable read, Lee and beautiful descriptions along with good facts, which held my interest much easier than just dry stats and such. You have a talent for description and story, no doubt Lee! Thank you for the excellent review.

Mainly I was reading yours because BruceH suggested a link between these and the Tract Torics, which I now have in hand. At my present location (indoors) as well as state of being (still under the weather), besides not being an experienced nor well equipped reviewer, I can't at this time contribute much helpful information about the Torics (and nothing about the Imagics), other than to say the Torics are one I will probably be keeping for everything they do right, which is a lot, it seems. Tract Torics are easily purchased in the US, and the Opticron Imagics, are more easily found in the UK. It would nice to know how close they really are, but that is probably not an easy task, though I believe BruceH, when he says something, like you Lee, he's a standup guy too, and pretty smartly obsesrvant, the pair of you! OK, you're both nice guys too, from what I've seen of you two gentlemen on the forum and such. You help to make this forum a better place to be, and I want to say thank you both for that! And Chuck too, while we're at it! ; )

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (wildly innacurate metaphor) overlooking the back 40 (alley), the sun just went down after a snowy night last night, but only 2-3 inches fell, and most of it melted away today with the bright sun and warming temps up to 46F or so. Springs a'coming, and I'm a'ready fer it!

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