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Shenyang University 18 april 2018

Hi Tom, no picture of the possible rustic bunting unfortunately. I have a pocket camera with decent zoom on hand, but by the time I have it setup most birds have moved, so I mostly don't take the risk and try to get as much observation time through my bino's.

Yesterday, I did my last round of Shenyang University for this trip. The first minutes I was circling some pine to confirm I was hearing a Goldcrest. I only heard some short repetitive call first and after 5 min or so, it was still not making more than that and I started realising it was something else. I also started to hear it in several other locations. After a long time I only saw some quick flashes of a trush shooting from one cover to another. I think it could be Grey-backed trushes? This recording has the faint calls on the backround: . Anybody can confirm?

There was a dead bird under the trees that I believe was a Grey-headed woodpecker. faethers were almost all there, but the flesh of head and body were already decomposed/eaten. Made some pictures. I also have picture of a Grey-backed trush, but I can only show them when I return to Belgium. At the moment I made the later picture I had the one and only encounter with a student that was interested in which birds I was seeing. I could also show her a picture of Waxwings. Still 39 of them were hanging around the Natural history Museum. Phyllo's were not very vocal but had at least both Pallas's Leaf Warbler and a Yellow-Browed warbler. Another bunting I can not positively ID. I think it was a Little Bunting. Tried to make a picture, but couldn't find it back. Another frustrating sighting without ID were 3 storks or cranes that were flying away from me. By the time I could find a position without obstruction of branches, they were gone.

Species list for Shenyang University and surroundings (N and S of Channel), 18 April 2018, 5:25 – 8:00:
L = Lifer, C = New to China list, T = New to Trip list, P = New Patch addition
? uncertain, not counted in lists

Observed species list
1 Oriental Stork - Ciconia boyciana ?? 3 ex.
2 Oriental Turtle Dove - Streptopelia orientalis
3 Common Swift - Apus apus
4 Great Spotted Woodpecker - Dendrocopos major
5 Grey-headed Woodpecker - Picus canus (T, P) 1ex dead
6 Azure-winged Magpie - Cyanopica cyanus
7 Eurasian Magpie - Pica pica
8 Bohemian Waxwing - Bombycilla garrulus 4 + 39 ex
9 Barn Swallow - Hirundo rustica
10 Pallas's Leaf Warbler - Phylloscopus proregulus min 5 ex
11 Yellow-browed Warbler - Phylloscopus inornatus 1 calling
12 Grey-backed Thrush - Turdus hortulorum (T, P) calls? + 1 photographed
13 Dusky Thrush - Turdus eunomus 2 ex.
14 Red-flanked Bluetail - Tarsiger cyanurus 3 ex
15 Eurasian Tree Sparrow - Passer montanus
16 Chinese Grosbeak - Eophona migratoria
17 Grey-capped Greenfinch - Chloris sinica
18 Black-faced Bunting - Emberiza spodocephala
19 Little Bunting - Emberiza pusilla ??

Trip list: 51 (+2)
Patch list: 46 (+2)
China list: 127 (+0)
Lifelist: 374 (+0)

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