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Hi Bart,
That call could certainly could be Grey-backed Thrush but Pale Thrush sound similar. Did you see any colour on it/them? Grey-backed are pretty diagnostic in the spring. The time of year is better for Grey-backed and you mention that you did photograph another which adds to the evidence.

The recording from your other post is Pallas's Leaf Warbler?

Amur Falcon most likely breed in the Shenyang area although I've never personally checked during late Spring there myself. The nests you are seeing could be from Magpies? My first record for Amur Falcon in Dalian was the last week of April so they're probably just completing their epic journey from the south parts of Africa as we speak. Maybe you saw an early one?

Safe travels and yes, please feel free to post things from previous trips here. Looking forward to it.
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